Private Movement Workshops

At your office, venue or K.S. J.A.M.M. Dance Troupe studio

Group Size

5 - 30 People per group

Session Time

30-Minutes, 45-Minutes, 60-Minutes or 90-Minutes

Based upon group size and session time

Experience Highlights

  • Get your body moving in a dance class that challenges your team to embrace new skills while supporting disadvantaged youth interested in the performing arts.
  • Relieve stress with a unique workout and the chance to learn some new moves.
  • Choose from six different distinct dance styles according on the interests of your team.

About this Experience

Break up the routine and bring your team together for an energizing movement class of your choosing. Pick from six different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, African dance, modern, and hip hop. Whichever style you opt for, your team will get the chance to move around and have fun together in a fresh, friendly environment.

Hip Hop

  • Mix funk and street dance styles for a fun, freestyle-based movement class sure to put you in a good mood.


  • Choose an African class for a highly aerobic experience that explores the vocabulary and history of traditional West African dance.


  • Get your Fosse on with a jazz class that incorporates elements of both ballet and modern dance.


  • Looking to channel discipline and grace while achieving an unusual workout? Opt for ballet, which demands balance and coordination and is developed through the        strengthening of the body’s core. This class will focus on the positions of your arms, legs, and feet using classical ballet vocabulary.


  • If you’re feeling new wave and interpretive, elect Modern dance, an art form that expresses complex emotions and abstract ideas.


  • Tap blends coordination and rhythm into a fun and timeless dance form.

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